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TECHNOS : The Global Benchmark

TECHNOS is a world class leader in cleaning condensers and heat
exchangers. Established in the 70’s, TECHNOS began its activities
exclusively devoted to condenser tube cleaning systems under the
incentive for the French national utility EDF at the time when the
extensive nuclear power plant investment program was launched.
The high quality standards required for these types of generating
units, as well as the high thermal efficiency necessary for their
condensers, led TECHNOS to develop the CTCS renowned today as
a highly reliable and efficient equipment. 
Backed by research centers and engineering forces of the ALSTOM
group, TECHNOS has developed a range of products to suit a variety
of types of heat exchangers and condensers in power plants
desalination plants
and industrial plants.

One of TECHNOS’ key products is the Condenser Tube Cleaning
(CTCS) whose on-line circulation of TECHNOS’
environmentally friendly natural sponge rubber balls ensures
condenser’s availability. Paired with the supply of the range of
Filter technology, our equipment can ensure the protection of condenser
upstream equipment.

Expandable laths, another TECHNOS key product, solve tough tube
vibration problems. Manufactured using an elastic-memory material,
it’s special qualities allow simple installation and total anti-vibration
results without the risk of tube bundle damage.

After three decades of experience, TECHNOS is a top ranking supplier
whose product knowledge and development makes them an
unparalleled expert in this field.. TECHNOS’ has installed more than
1,000 systems in more than 50 countries worldwide, all of which
benefit from lower costs, fewer emissions and better performance.
In collaboration with the ALSTOM cold end team, TECHNOS can
provide assessments and solutions to your system and condenser
problems. Our engineering services can provide technical expertise
to improve the design of Greenfield plants or refurbished

Our Quality Policy
One of TECHNOS’ key priorities is to concentrate on all quality issues in
our day to day business. TECHNOS is proud of the fact that since 1999,
the TECHNOS quality management system for the design and supply of
CTCS and Filters for use in condensers and
exchangers has been fully
certified according the highest standard of quality, ISO 9001. This
certification was updated in 2003 for ISO 9001 : version 2000.
TECHNOS is motivated to improve all Environmental and Health & Safety
aspects related to our daily operations. Since March 2008, TECHNOS
has been fully certified according to the international standard
: version 2004 for it’s environmental management system for the
design and supply of CTCS and Filters for use in condensers and
exchangers. Equally, TECHNOS is also
fully certified according to
OHSAS 18001 for it’s Health & Safety management system for the
design and supply of CTCS and Filters
for use in condensers and
exchangers since February 2007. TECHNOS considers these certifications
as a clear message to our customers that these assets are key successes
in TECHNOS’ HSE strategy.