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Is your plant or cleaning system ready for a retrofit ?
TECHNOS’ technical team is ready to visit your current installation to
perform a technical analysis and to propose an optimum solution to
meet your needs.   
TECHNOS can provide improved equipment to adjust to new operating
conditions or new Customer expectations. This includes changes in:
cooling water flow, pressure and temperature, controls of technology,
etc. TECHNOS’ Retrofit service also includes
providing additional
material, such as the TECHNOS Ball Monitor (Ball Counter + Ball Sorter)
where this device was not originally installed.
A successful example of a TECHNOS retrofit concerned the strainer grids’
balls retrieval zone. This system had a poor recirculation of balls in this

This new system from TECHNOS is using the TECHNOS Vortex
Chamber which prevents balls blocking and ensures efficient balls
This work is possible on TECHNOS equipment as well as on our
competitors’ equipment