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After-sales service and spare parts
After-sales service
and spare parts

TECHNOS has developed a range of services to help maintain, improve
and commission
your condenser tube cleaning system. TECHNOS
proposes these services on their own equipment as well as on our
competitors’ equipment.
TECHNOS  can supply the following range of services to meet your
maintenance needs:
-   Commissioning of condenser tube cleaning systems.
-   Expert evaluation of existing systems in order to improve or
     resolve operational problems.
-   Supervision of installation and (or) repairs.
-   Improvement of existing systems by adding modules to ameliorate
     the use of the equipment.
-   A range of spare parts.
For all these services, the TECHNOS After-Sales Service Team will be
available to answer your request within the shortest possible delay
and efficiently find your optimal solution.

The TECHNOS After-Sales Service ensures optimum performance of
your cleaning system backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. 
Depending on your maintenance needs, TECHNOS can provide you
with a range of spare parts certified compliant with the original
design or adapted spare parts for required use.
Additionally TECHNOS can propose spare part lists meeting your
specific needs corresponding to your overhaul schedules (annual
overhauls, three yearly overhauls, etc.).