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Expandable Laths
Expandable Laths

To prevent tube vibration TECHNOS has developed a soft dampening
system adapted to a wide range of bundle sizes. With over 20
of experience, TECHNOS has proven to be a reliable and easy to install
solution, where other techniques may be tough to
install, have poor
anchorage and are not able to meet Clients’ expectations.
How does it work ?
A synthetic “memory-shape” tube is put under vacuum in order to flatten
it out. It is then cut to the proper length fitting the bundle
and both ends
are welded.. This will make each individual part quite easy to install on
site. Once in place the lath is cut open and
thanks to the memory shape
effect, it will reinflate and start its dampening effect.

Please click here to download our datasheet.

  Laths during installation

Laths after installation 
  • §Easy to install
  • §Will not move once properly installed
  • §No release of Chlorine, Sulphur in the process water.
  • §Adapted to most common condensers or heat exchangers