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Debris Filter
Debris Filter

General presentation
The debris filter is the final condenser or heat exchanger tube
protection on the incoming cooling water flow.
The debris filter is designed to automatically separate and
remove debris from the cooling water during operation of the
cooling system. The debris filter ensures high reliability,
availability and performance as well as low maintenance
due to its unique design and concept.

How does it work?
Fixed, semi-spherical shaped filter elements separate the
filter area into several independent filter chambers. A
hood-shaped backwash rotor, located at the filter inlet,
successively covers each filter chamber completely. The
backwash process is automatically initiated by a
differential pressure measuring system which monitors
debris accumulation permanently. The debris removed
from the debris filter screening elements is sent to the
condenser outlet by natural suction.
The TECHNOS - PERRIER-SOREM filter is characterized
by its cleaning efficiency thanks to special processing of
the turbulence generated zones and a large filtration surface
area optimized by mechanical modelling. 

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Debris filter in brief
  • §Fully automated operation with low power consumption
  • §High degree of reliability and availability
  • §Low maintenance costs
  • §Any cooling water source with adaptable filtration degree mesh
  • §Large quantity of coarse debris as well as fibrous debris can be removed
  • §Low pressure drop during normal and backwash operations