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Condenser Tube Cleaning System
Condenser Tube Cleaning System

TECHNOS developed its own online Condenser Tube Cleaning
System in order to provide its users with a reliable and efficient
operation of their condenser.
The presence of a continuous tube cleaning system will allow the
condenser or heat exchanger to remain clean. The resulting
heat transfer therefore allows a notable gain in power output and /
or fuel consumption.
This contributes to a cleaner environment ! 

How does a CTCS work ?
Continuous injection of sponge balls through the exchanger tubes
will prevent any build up of scaling and / or biofouling. After each
passage, the balls are retrieved on grids and pumped back to the
exchanger inlet.

Efficiency, availability and lifetime of the heat exchanger or condenser

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                1) Debris Filter
                2) Ball Injectors
                3) Balls passing through the condenser
                4) Catching of balls and extraction through the Vortex Chamber
                5) Ball Monitor
                6) Debris return to main pipe