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Cleaning Balls
Cleaning Balls

The cleaning balls are the active part of the tube cleaning system.
The choice of the ball type depends on the exchanger design and
operating conditions. In particular water quality and flow, tubes
material and sizes.
TECHNOS manufactures a wide range of ball types, in which you
will find those adapted to your particular exchanger. Please
an offer
 from our sales department. 
How do they work ?
Balls are usually sized slightly larger than the exchanger tubes’ inner
Due to the water pressure loss across the tubes, the balls are pushed
through and will be reinjected after collection. During their
with the tubes, they will actively rub the tubes inner surface, thus
keeping it clean.

Please click here to download our datasheet.

Continuous injection of sponge balls through the exchanger tubes
will prevent any build-up of scaling and / or biofouling. A clean
tube means maintaining a high heat exchange rate and a power
plant’s high electrical output. TECHNOS cleaning balls are also
highly efficient when used in other manufacturers’ equipment.