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Customer cases
Customer Cases

TECHNOS’ customer base is worldwide and the following case studies illustrate a number of success stories where our customers have
realised the advantage of installing TECHNOS equipment.
Based on the expertise and knowledge acquired in the French nuclear industry, the TECHNOS know-how rapidly benefited other clients
Our customers’ appreciation of the TECHNOS qualified team has led TECHNOS to be be considered as a major actor in this industry.
Major power plant constructors in Japan and Europe or the USA have regularly been ordering TECHNOS systems and use
TECHNOS as their
technological reference.
Energy savings in a 600 MW UK power plant
In this case the power plant first operated without a Tube Cleaning System.
TECHNOS experts proved to the Client
the advantage of using a TECHNOS cleaning
system, which
was then installed. This curve shows the lower condenser vacuum achieved immediately after CTCS commissioning. The power output gain versus fuel consumption is approximately 0.5%.
Multi-site use of the TECHNOS anti-vibration laths
This major European and World Power Utility was soon convinced by the benefits provided by the TECHNOS anti-vibration laths, in
particular allowing considerably extend its plants’ condensers’ lifetime.
In all of the retubing operations undertaken wirh this particular client since more than a decade the use of the TECHNOS solution has been
specifically requested and has proved to be successful
Debris filters in a French nuclear power plant
Due to very hard cooling water pumped from a nearby channel, the nuclear plant’s cooling towers continuously accumulated scaling on a
number of small square surfaces. On a regular basis hard scaling fragments were released in with the water flow. In order to
these fragments from blocking the condenser tubes, TECHNOS installed a debris filter in front of each condenser water box.
This resulted in
a smoother operation and a higher plant availability.
Dampening of a vertical sea water heat exchanger on a petrochemical site
On this particular site one of a series of identical heat exchangers was vibrating, noisy and threatened some tube leakages that would
have resulted in costly process stops.
The exchangers had an unusual square pitch and close distance between intermediate plates, both making installation complicated.
For this specific case TECHNOS performed an expert evaluation and developed an alternative design that showed complete satisfaction.
The commitment of TECHNOS to find the right solution and the positive result brought the client to write a warm
congratulation letter.
Replacement of a competitor balls retrieval system
In this Serbian power plant, a competitors tube cleaning system had originally been installed. This existing system’s balls retrieval device
at the bottom of the grids was outdated and loosing balls. In order to improve the tube cleaning system’s efficiency,
TECHNOS’ experts
assessed the existing system and proposed to replace the weak parts by the TECHNOS “
VORTEX chambers”. This design improvement
has been highly efficient and fully satisfactory to the Client. T
his kind of replacement is possible on several technologies still in use.