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Energy Applications
Energy Applications 

With more than 30 years of worldwide experience and being part
of the ALSTOM group, TECHNOS has become a key supplier of
Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems
in several industrial sectors and
in particular in the energy sector.   
In the energy sector, the water entering into the condenser needs to
be continuously filtered and cleaned in order to maintain a permanent
high efficiency heat exchange rate which optimises the functioning of
the power plant and its electrical output. Without
proper condenser tube
cleaning system the tubes get fouled resulting in less efficient electricity
production and higher utilisation
costs.   The continuous cleaning system
also decreases the maintenance costs.
Due to TECHNOS’ performing tube cleaning system the condensers and
heat exchangers are always at maximum efficiency allowing  maximum
electricity production.  The high availability of the condenser system of the
power plant makes considerable energy savings
and guarantees a higher
TECHNOS offers engineering services and tailor-made solutions to your
condenser problems. TECHNOS’ high quality products include Condenser
Tube Cleaning Systems, 
Debris Filters and Environmental friendly Sponge
Cleaning Balls
, the latter being the result of TECHNOS’ own research and
development. Another key product developed by TECHNOS are its flexible
laths which extend the life of the condenser by protecting and preserving
the tubes from vibrations.  All these above key products which are installed
in the power station environment ensure optimal condenser efficiency.