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Desalination Applications
Desalination Applications

TECHNOS,  a member of the ALSTOM group and a worldwide  key
supplier of Tube Cleaning Systems
offers customised solutions to
condenser problems in the desalination sector. Thanks to TECHNOS’
own research and development, TECHNOS supplies complete and
high quality tube cleaning systems optimizing the efficiency of thermal
exchange rate.

The desalination sector is often faced with the problem of a very
corrosive water entering into the circuit and operation  at high
temperatures. The solution offered by TECHNOS consists of adapted
material resisting brine and therefore minimizing the corrosion
Also, the environmental friendly TECHNOS
sponge rubber balls used
in desalination plants are specially adapted to work in
TECHNOS’ condenser tube cleaning system contributes to a high
availability of the desalination plant and enables cost savings due
to minimised maintenance costs. Efficient tube cleaning also extends
the tube bundles’ life time.